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This will contain the differences between successive FAQs. It is not a game of luck as many believe, but a strategic game of war; in many ways as difficult to master as chess or Go.

One's identity is not entirely intrinsic, nor is it purely acquired.

We can shape ourselves just as we can shape our surroundings. O | ------------------------------------------ 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Diagram #2 (Numbered from X's point of view) The object of Backgammon is for each player to bring all his men into his home board, and then to bear them off the board.

This posting is provided on an "as is" basis, NO WARRANTY whatsoever is expressed or implied, especially, NO WARRANTY that the information contained herein is correct or useful in any way, although both are intended. Mika Johnsson Original Backgammon article compilation. Certain patterns fit together harmoniously, make sense in a away that is nontrivial.'' -- Paul Magriel``We have become a spectator society, one that experiences excellence and creativity only by watching it on television or by reading about it in newspapers or magazines...

Changes may be spotted by examining the `diff' file, which is posted at the same time as this FAQ. Perhaps the best way of becoming something more than a spectator is to pursue activities that do not receive mass media coverage.

The purpose of the diff file is to show recent changes without having to browse the entire FAQ. -- From the foward of the Expert Backgammon (Mac) documentation.``There's an aesthetic to the game, a flow.

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