Bitdefender online scan not updating

Both Bitdefender Quick Scan and Bull Guard Virus Scan did not detect it.

However ESET Online Scanner detected one of the executable files used by the keylogger as threat, and automatically quarantined the detected file but the keylogger is still running which means that it failed to fully remove the keylogger from the system.

Many years ago, it was common to find an online scanner offered by an antivirus company for free which can be used to scan your computer directly from your web browser.

As we may think an online antivirus scanner that runs from a web browser does not need to download and install a program, it actually still requires to download an add-on that stays installed and enabled on the browser until it is manually removed by the user.

Most of the online antivirus scanners do not have the ability to remove or clean any found viruses as it is merely used to detect if there is any active malware on the computer.

Although the online scanners are very useful for a quick scan and also to get a second opinion since it doesn’t interfere with the antivirus installed on the system, they aren’t very popular and the number of online scanners has dropped drastically from around 60 to only 3 today.

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