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Still, a part of me wondered, “Is what I’m doing having any impact at all? I saw a woman on the street corner on her hands and knees. She didn’t appear hurt and so I talked with her to ask her name, if she was okay…I asked if I could help her up. ” Her address showed she lived just a few houses from me.

” Once home, I opened my email and found the following from a woman who attended a Gray Area Thinking™ training at a state agency two months ago (I have permissions to share this email content): I was on my way home the other night from a day of work, picking up kids at various activities, etc. It looked like maybe she was digging for something like she lost something. She was elderly and it was late on a busy street in not such a great neighborhood. I asked if she wanted me to take her home…I got her home but unfortunately, her door was locked and no one else was there.

I’m exceedingly passionate about my work but even my passion couldn’t keep me from being a bit worn out.

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In a word, “embattled.” Embattled because of near daily socio-political events that highlight, and even exploit, our differences.

Embattled because I work with constituents and clients who are trying desperately to keep hope in their hearts.

Maybe I would have stopped before I attended your training, but I don’t know…

what I can tell you is that it definitely had an impact.

So, I could have driven on…I could have (proceeded) home because I was tired. I called the police and got my husband to talk with neighbors.

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