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Also, this is a last resort procedure prior to exchanging/returning to sony. Power Off the PS3 via the power switch in back and power back on w/switch. Hold Power Button on the Front until you hear 3 beeps. Then go through the initial setup and then run a Format. You may need to have our AV cables ready if your using HDMI (in case HDMI isn’t detected after initial reset). Restore your backup you made prior to doing factory/hard reset (optional, if you created a backup). Jimmy Selix is an early adopter that loves to be one of the first on the block to have the latest and greatest in technology and gadgets.

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I would consider this a last resort troubleshooting procedure.

Backup on your PS3 or you may lose your game saves!

When you combine the subpar nature of the new Play Station Store with the Play Station Network’s well-known series of deficiencies and the company’s seeming inability to fix the issues at hand for a period of time approaching , you have a serious problem.

Compounding this is Sony’s inability to communicate well with its consumers, which is strange, because Sony depends on those consumers to sustain their enterprise, and the patience of those consumers – which was heavily stressed back in 2011 -- is starting to bend significantly once again. The original Play Station Store running on Play Station 3 was browser-based, and its replacement, while not perfect, was definitely a step in the right direction.

The Play Station Network has gotten a bad rap from many corners of the gaming realm.

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