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Imagine being able to go into a crowded party and being able to zero in instantly on the submissive women. She's not a sub, but the girl trying to strike up a conversation with her is, big time. I found that with some girls who had the aura, being a dominant pushy asshole worked well.

For others, it was a quiet intensity that got the submissive juices flowing.

The opportunity came courtesy of a snowstorm, and my cousin Jessie. We'd been close as kids, but had not spoken as much after our families moved away from each other four years ago.

For the last year, though, we had been actively messaging, talking, and catching up.

My freshman year finished satisfying, but I knew I could do more.

I realized I needed a test, to see how far I could read things.

Certain women radiate on a certain frequency and we ropers are tuned to that frequency. (I suppose that other types radiate in other spectrums to which other sensitives are attuned, but if so the Association has never bothered to fund studying it.) The more submissive they are, the stronger we sense their aura.

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